Die Siedler von Süd-Wien

A theatrical urban play by Play:Vienna in cooperation with WERK X, funded by SHIFT III.

All of a sudden everyone is talking about the „right to the city“, which is increasingly threatening to degenerate into a lucrative speculative property with outsourced tenements. Between rising rents and increasingly scarce living space, people are too often forgotten: it is they who give a face to all the new and old housing complex in a city. Some of these complexes reach the size of independent small towns and create a “city within a city”.

In the playful city project „The Settlers of South- Vienna“, play: vienna explores the question of what the concept of „Siedlung“ means – and could mean – for its residents and urban coexistence. In the three large South Vienna housing complexes Kabelwerk, Am Schöpfwerk and Alterlaa, we will host an interactive weekend that takes participants on a tour through all three communities.

Starting points in each Siedlung are telephone box-sized travel agencies. They are infopoint and gateway to the digital offer of the art project. They display unusual travel guides with a wide range of different tours, activities and attractions. From here you can set off on a journey into the neighbourhood. A telephone call or our website connects you to the tour guide who, with exciting stories and fantastic „facts“, enables you to have a playful re-experience of your own neighbourhood.

Whether you want to enjoy the quietest hours of the day at 3:00 a.m. or climb a 10.000m (cm) mountain – we have the right offer for you!

Von 03.10.2020 bis 01.11.2020 

Jederzeit, kostenlos und ohne Ansteckungsgefahr in den Siedlungen Kabelwerk, am Schöpfwerk und Alterlaa.

Foto 5+6: © Isabella Hewlett