Room 127

Project Room 127 consists of a series of medicine dispenser box dioramas. It invites the audience to take a glimpse into the life of a stranger, who is dealing with a chronic illness. Nestling inside the compartments of this pill box are tiny scenes that are accompanied by an audio track. One box represents one person with one condition.


Life can change rapidly when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness. All of a sudden your calander is full with doctor’s appointments and your nightstand is overflowing with all sorts of medication. It can take months until you receive the right treatment. Additionally to understanding all of the medical jargon, you also have to deal with the people around you. Friends, family and even doctors that show little empathy. You can’t avoid all the ridicilous advice you will hear in the following months. Have you tried cinnamon? A juice cleanse? Chia seeds work wonders!

Project Room 127 shows excerpts of lives that are impacted by a chronic condition. Nestling inside medicine dispenser boxes are small scenes, that tell a story over the course of a week. The audience is invited to closly examine these dioramas, and listen to accompanying audio tracks. Each single box represents one person and one disease, from diabetes to rheuma to conditions, that you might have never heard of. Conditions, that are not terminal but also won’t go away. 

The goal is to set up a small exhibition, made out of a number of different boxes, that can be showcased at different locations – from museums to hospitals.

In the Making.